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Let us join hands to conquer goals

We offer a wide range of services at Zion Fitness Studio. All the services are provided by fitness experts and latest equipment is made available for clients. Also, services are highly-customizable and personalized. Talk to us to know more about the services.

Our services include


A fun yet effective way to pump up your heartbeat, Zumba is a dance fitness routine that is taught and practiced at our studio by certified professionals. It is a great way to beat stress too.

Power yoga

Fusing the powerful elements of Yoga with the pace of modern workouts, Power Yoga offers the best benefits of both world and enhances physical and mental health as well.

Hot yoga

Hot Yoga is a very effective form of Yoga where heat is used to optimize the effect of various positions by increasing flexibility. This form induces sweat that proves to be good for overall health.


Cardio is a form of aerobic exercise that is used to hone a large group of muscles in the body. The continuous and rhythmic nature of this form of exercise challenges the body and over time it improves cardiorespiratory health. This is also preferred by many for fat-loss.

Body toning

A firm and toned body is a sign of fitness. We offer a host of services to tone the body under expert guidance using the right exercises.


We offer training in a range of fitness regimes for strengthening particular muscle groups or parts of the body. All the required equipment will be made available for training and options for a personal trainer will also be given.

Core and balance training

Core and balance training involves specific regimes to build core strength, enhance stability and improve balance. This is an advanced form of exercise is particularly useful for professionals in the field of sports, dance, etc.


Aerobics is a form of exercise that deals with repetitive sets of steps performed with varying intensities. It is highly effective for fat-loss and to tone the body.


Our team consists of expert physiotherapists to treat major issues. Various kinds of treatments in the form of massages, heat treatments, exercise, etc are available.


Our expert dieticians provide customized diet-plans for specific requirements. Special facilities such as juice bar, power breakfast, etc are also available.

Weight loss/ weight gain

Our weight management experts will guide you and provide strategic solutions to increase or decrease weight over the required period of time. A combination of exercise and diet under their guidance will result in health benefits that go beyond the mirror.

Corrective exercise

For people with specific issues such as problems with posture, flexibility, etc, our team of specialists will form the right routine to correct the problems effectively. Customized solutions can be availed too.

Stamina gaining

A combination of the right food and strengthening exercises can build stamina. We provide personal training to people of all ages for stamina building.

Personalized training

A personal trainer can be availed for any of the services. The trainer will track progress, monitor diet and workouts and assist you in case of any difficulties.

Group classes

Group classes are also available for people of all age groups subject to number of people enrolling.